Hi, I’m Mimi Mendenhall the artist behind Autumn Fired Designs.   I’ve always been fascinated with glass, both the visual and tactile qualities.   I love looking at the Gothic stained glass windows found in old churches and cathedrals while imagining the stories behind the scenes.

I never considered myself an artist until my mid-thirties when my husband, Kevin, got me stained glass lessons for an out-of-the-box anniversary gift.   5 lessons for $60, what a bargain!   Little did he know the can of worms he was opening nearly 20 years ago.

Autumn Fired Designs was started around the year 2005 when my husband informed me that the garage was too small to hold all my fused glass items.   By this time, I had exhausted “gifting” all my family and friends with my “creations” so we ventured out into the craft show world.    I met many wonderful people and had a great time.

In 2010 we moved to Colorado and I met a great group of artists.   We started the Colorado Creative Co-op in 2014 where I have my work to this day.

Thank you for visiting my site.